iSkyify Ark Server

Ark: Survival Evolved Server Valguero PVP Map

Vote Rewards

In-game rewards are provided for supporting iSkyify and voting every 24-hours on ARK server lists. for To make sure that the iSkyify servers grown, we need your help.

Private Message

Privately message users in-game with their character name /pm <CharacterName> reply to the message with /r

New Player PVP Protection

New players have a 7-days grace period of PVE-Mode. This period ends when time runs out or the player reaches level 60.

In-Game Shop

You earn 5 points every 15 minutes in-game to spend on the /shop. You can instantly gain more points by voting with /vote or by donating to the server at

Mods List

►  Valguero Map
Awesome Teleporters
► Awesome Spyglass
► Better Reusables
Cross Abberation
Cross Extinction
Classic Flyers
Structures Plus (S+)
HG Stacking Mod
Offline Guard System
Automated Ark


Harvesting 5x
► EXP 10x
Taming 15x
Reduced Water & Food Drain


A complete list of server and discord rules can be found under FAQ.


Join the iSkyify ARK Discord server and help shape the server with suggestions, find tribe mates and declare war.

Join the iSkyify ARK

Ragnarok PvP Multiplayer Server, click the steam direct connect link to join.