Game Mode (1.13.2) 1.8 PVP


Season 4
Experience a highly customized take on SkyBlock in 1.13.2 . Auto-rank up in game and claim your island to become the premier player on the server. Drop into the WarZone to capture castles for money/EXP. Control every aspect of your island via an ingame menu. Want to turn off/on natural mob spawning? Done. Weather/Biome change? Poof. Promote/demote invited islanders for future perms. With over 42 island controls you really can transform every aspect of your gameplay. The most balanced economy with buy/sell shops at spawn, player shops on islands and 6x Ore Generator tiers unlocked through the auto rank-up system.


Game Mode (1.12.2) 1.8 PVP


Season 1
iTownify is a Towny server that allows players to rank up with ingame money to unlock abilities/perks and create a town which they become the mayor of and invite other players to join. Other mayors can work together and form a Nation that  assigns a single King who can promote players to various ranks/roles within the nation/towns. The economy on iTownify is completely controlled by the players - there is no admin shop to sell/buy items. Instead, players can rent a market  shop at /spawn to sell items for the values they believe items are worth. The core source of income is /jobs based.

Game Mode


Tournament Season 1 LAUNCHED! Ends June 8th 2019

Auto turrets, Mob Head Hunting, Banks, Custom OP Enchants, mcMMO,  leaderboards, KoTH, supply enovys, and Gen Buckets

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Game Mode (1.9-1.12.2)

Creative Plots

Need to test out a build or unleash some creativity with friends? Claim your own creative plot and build in creative mode with world edit! Each plot is 150 x 150 blocks. Simply head to creative plots and type /p auto to automatically claim the next available plot.

Mini-Game (1.8-1.13)


BuildBattle is a building styled mini-game where players have to build something relevant to specified theme for a certain time. Players can choose to play solo mode, or team mode to team up with other players or friends. When building time is over, all players will vote for the best build in the game. Player(s) with most vote points is(are) the winner(s)!

Game Mode (1.8-1.13) 


Explore a spin on the classic Minecraft survival gamemode.

:DiamondPickaxe: - Survival Land Claims
:DiamondPickaxe: - 215 different Quests
:DiamondPickaxe: - Survival /backpack
:DiamondPickaxe: - EXP and Money Bank
:DiamondPickaxe: - Unlock CMD /perks
:DiamondPickaxe: - Custom enchants + Elite mobs
:DiamondPickaxe: - Fast Crafting system
:DiamondPickaxe: - SlimFun

Game Mode (1.8 - 1.13) 


Race through over +25 Parkour courses arranged from easy, medium, hard and mega. Mega parkour maps include block power-ups for speed, jump boost, slowness, and confusion for extra difficulty. Gain coins for reaching check points and completing courses to unlock mobile checkpoints, speed boosts, jump boosts, and removal of potion effects.

Hub Mini-Game (1.8-1.13)

iPocket Arcade

Step into the iPocket Arcade at hub - featuring 21 classic arcade games. Well-known games such as Tetris, Cookie Clicker, 2048, Flappy Bird and Simon Says to many more! Step up to your arcade machine at Hub and right click the stone button to play the mini-game inside your Minecraft inventory.  


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