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Team Islands

Create an island with your team, fully customizable permissions give you complete control!

Top Islands

Gather player votes to become the most popular SkyBlock island on the server!

Custom Enchants

Make the enchanted items you’ve always dreamed of to face any battle head-on in PvP.

Custom Island Sizes

Never, ever, run out of space to build the island of your dreams. Upgrade to the maximum island size.


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Most Popular Products

Being a donor has its perks. These are the most popular donor perks on iSkyify! ❤️ Thank you for supporting the server.

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Creative Mode

Available for free to all players, fly and access all blocks to create a masterpiece.

Custom Armor Stand

Edit armor stand pose and attributes to bring your builds to life! Toggle show arms, invisibility, baseplate, normal/small size, gravity and much more!

Custom Decor

Thousands of custom Minecraft skulls that feature unique designs gives you access to creative designing opportunities that overall enhance the quality of your builds.

150×150 Plot

Plenty of creative mode plot space to design your perfect build with 150×150 creative plots.

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