Auto Turrets

Defend your faction with Auto turrets that can be upgraded ingame with ores.

Factions + McMMO

Team up to increase your Faction power and claim the land from others you deserve. Finders keepers right?

+70 Custom OP Enchants

Unlock over +70 OP custom enchants spread across four tiers to get the God set that will have other players running.


Level up your Faction to take over the /f top leaderboards. Claim the top spot on the McMMO leaderboards.


Join up to 3x jobs, sell items in the NPC market, claim bounties, list items on the auction house, or sell mob/player heads. The path to riches is yours.


Get your faction together and become the King of the Hill at the KoTH arena with the most OP awards given daily.


Quickly make the largest base possible by crafting stone and sand scaffolding blocks that can be placed to auto create a wall.

Banks + Custom Enderchests

Upgrade your enderchests to carry massive amounts of loot. Withdraw EXP and money as physical items you can trade with in game.

Supply Envoys

Gather the supply envoys drops inside the WarZone at /spawn.

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