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Recent content by Hex_Aman

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    Can't upgrade island after 145 by 145

    my ign is iHexify...... i can't upgrade my island i have paladin rank on the server.....some people also have the same problem...please have look cheers. =)
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    Capacitors are glitching

    I have 3 big Capacitors and when i broke them they changed into heads and they are not working properly , they have a capacity of above 1k storage but its keep glitching into 500 and then 10-50. iHusband lost a leather pants with fortune VI while using my disenchanter . Please fix it =D IGN -...
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    Nether Lost Things

    Hello, Owners and People of iSkyify, I want to make a suggestion about the nether. It teleport to a random location, So instead to going to random location how about we open the nether. People can got to nether by using the Portal at spawn and then they get teleported to a higher tower and then...