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Recent content by VocalCore

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    Tools Enchants - Haste

    I think haste would be a nice addition to the tools enchant, makes it easier to get rid of those pesky glass and wool blocks since efficiency doesn't work on them.
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    Auto sell not working

    I figured something out, when I mine Lapis blocks first, it auto sells, but if I mine an ore, auto sell doesn't work and the blocks and ores accumulate.
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    Auto sell not working

    Had nothing but a pick in my inventory and still won't auto sell, I don't know if it's related to the command /autosell, but maybe it is and we don't have access to it.
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    Auto sell not working

    I don't know if I am using it wrong, but auto-sell won't work, I got a full inventory and it sold nothing.
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    Suggestion and things that need to be 100% reworked.

    (I don't expect you to read all this but please do <3) I believe that prisons will be a game mode that will live, unlike sky grid and factions, prisons has the potential to be up there with sky block, but at its current state i don't think so, all it needs is a little bit of love from its...
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    The block shop needs more blocks, like coral blocks, prismarine and ya know, just more then there currently is. it's making it hard for block selection for the competition.