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  1. iKee_

    Enchant Bugs

    Max Telepathy on a pick no longer automatically transfer items to the player inventory or the photo of the enchants. Unsure if one enchants is countering another enchant.
  2. iKee_

    [CLOSED} Report against Captain_Zix

    Thank you for you report. I appreciate your time in making this community a lot better. I have already taken action and warned the said person at that time to stop and watch his behavior. If ever you find this person violating and breaking the same rule or any other rules, feel free to report...
  3. iKee_

    apply for staff

    Hi! Please kindly fill out this form :)
  4. iKee_


  5. iKee_

    Players in SkyBlock making Nether Portals on their island

    Yes I've also seen this they're making zombie pigmen farm