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  1. SrCookies

    iPrison Tool Durability Warning

    Or like any sane person does repair the pick when it gets to half durability. There is no reason whatsoever that it gets low enough to break if you are taking the time to check on your precious pick
  2. SrCookies

    [Denied] FyreStorm1 Ban Appeal

    Secondly, you did in fact say that word after it repeatedly being turned into something else. Take a look at the attachment :)
  3. SrCookies

    [Denied] FyreStorm1 Ban Appeal

    First off saying that it wasn’t even listed in the rules you are wrong. Take a look again and down below No Discrimination Discrimination of any kind is not allowed. This includes any negative remarks about race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, etc. Saying “just kidding” or “jk”...
  4. SrCookies

    [iSurvival] There should be an easier way to get Dollars

    I will repeat since I guess it was not read the first time: The only reason we implemented a money system in **Survival** is so that players can use the Auction House, and share items when offline. As far as it being a “deluxe exclusive thing...”. How’s that. Everyone has access to it and...
  5. SrCookies

    [iSurvival] There should be an easier way to get Dollars

    Actually emeralds are the currency, the best way to get emeralds besides mining is to make a villager farm, which is EASY and simple to do. Survival is **Survival**. Not Towny. Towny is a different gamemode. If you want items in game, you need to find them by exploring and finding them, by...
  6. SrCookies

    spawn horse

    Thank you for your report. We are aware of the problem and have taken down the plugin causing this. If this issue or any other happens again feel free to report it :)
  7. SrCookies

    [CLOSED} Report against Captain_Zix

    Your In-Game Name: SrCookies Rule Violators In-Game Name: Captain_Zix Date Occurred: 12/11/2018 Rule(s) Broken: No Harassment Harassing any player or staff member is not allowed. This includes offensive, hurtful or plain rude remarks. Saying “just kidding” or “jk” after does not excuse...
  8. SrCookies

    Top of the nether in itowny...glitch?

    So i made a massive gold farm in towny. Going through one of the portals takes you to the top of the nether. I do not believe this is a server issue but a Minecraft issue with portals. Just wanted to report a possible glitch, thanks for your time.