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    Inventory reset

    It seems that some players inventory's have been reset, all our items are missing. but our islands remain. Please send help (was not able to upload images, files too large. They were posted on the discord)
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    Enchant Bugs

    I found a very odd bug with the enchants. and iv been talking to Matt, and I'm not the only one with the problem. enchants are are intrupting with each other, and not working. i added corrupt to my super axe, and it cant kill anyone with armor on. before, it would bypass all armor. there are...
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    Wolf Despawn & Chat bug

    Master's and my wolfs keep despawning for no reason. and every 5 minutes or so, when i am afk, the game bugs out. it will not let my type in chat, use commands or pickup xp.
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    [CLOSED] [Discord] Report on player: Geomettrix

    LOL its discord dms. not iskyify. and you have been on the target list for much longer.
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    SB+ Strays Wont Spawn

    My stray grinder wont work. i was able to afk it over night, then suddenly, i locked my island, and when i unlocked it, the strays wouldnt spawn anymore. and they still wont. its not the lightning, they have plenty of room to spawn, there arnt to meny mobs around. and i didnt change any settings.
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    iSkyblock+ items vanishing bug

    I was flying to my grinder, when a lag spike happened, and it turned off my fly. i fell into the void, where i then got tped to my island spawn. but all my items were missing. and if i had died, i had Holy white scrolls on my best stuff. so i would still have it. Missing items: Colossus Helm...
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    Unbreaking Crystal

    Add a scroll, like the Protection Crystal. But instead, it will keep the item you place it on, from breaking and will repair it to 100% durability.
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    Stacked mobs bug/End Bug

    On towny, stacked mobs do not give mcmmo levels. neither do enderman in the end.
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    Jail Plot bug in Towny.

    Outlawed players do not go to jail after dying, they go to spawn. This has happened to the Fire Nation jail too.
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    Slimefun items are turning into heads.

    I am having problems with items like Energy Capacitors, Energy Regulators, Generators, all turning into heads. Its really annoying having to remake the items every time it bugs out. These are all items that turned into heads.
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    I cant claim hades gkit

    also I cant claim my posidon gkit on my alt Biomettrix.
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    I cant claim hades gkit

    when ever I try to claim the hades gkit it says: "You do not have permission to use Hades Gkit" and yes I did buy it.