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  1. GoofyisGoofy

    [iSkyblock+] Hostable Events

    I think that iSkyBlock+ should have Hostable Events that players will be able to host using commands! For example, they can host games like Blockparty, Spleef, and more! Only the colossus rank would be able to host events. There would be maps for the certain hostable events, so then it could...
  2. GoofyisGoofy

    [CLOSED] [iSurvive] Report on killgore1235

    Your In-Game Name: Smol_Potato_ Rule Violators In-Game Name: killgore1235 Date Occurred: 1/24/2019 Rule(s) Broken: Swearing/cussing. Evidence: Attached image
  3. GoofyisGoofy

    [iSkyblock+] Rank Islands

    SUGGESTION ______________ Hey, so you guys know the rank islands whenever you rank up to a certain rank like "Colossus" and you can claim a Colossus island? Well, I am wondering if you guys could add like samples of the island, pretty much what I am saying is that we can have a first look at...
  4. GoofyisGoofy

    Report on Furrow3

    Your In-Game Name: iGoofy_ Rule Violators In-Game Name: Furrow3 Date Occurred: 12/16/2018 Rule(s) Broken: Killaura and Fly Evidence: (ok this isnt efficient but i am kindly asking you guys to watch this person in-game. thank u!)
  5. GoofyisGoofy

    [ISKYBLOCK] When people visit your island, have them spawn at a certain place.

    So, when people visit your island, they spawn near the glowstone or bedrock. Can you please make it so we can set where they are going to spawn on the island?
  6. GoofyisGoofy

    [ISKYIFY] Report on iGang_YTB

    Your In-Game Name: iGoofy_ Rule Violators In-Game Name: iGang_YTB Date Occurred: 11/17/2018 Rule(s) Broken: A little bit of admitting to hacks, and also asking me to join his hacker team because I am a fast typer. Evidence:
  7. GoofyisGoofy

    [SKYBLOCK] Purchasing Ghast Spawner in /warp shop

    Hey. So even though Ghast spawners are obtainable in the nether, I am just suggesting that we could add it to /warp shop. You guys decide on the pricing, *I am suggesting if you do put it on /warp shop that you make the price 300k, its up to you.
  8. GoofyisGoofy

    [DECLINED] GoofyisGoofy Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: GoofyisGoofy Who Banned You: Master_Rx What you were banned for: staff disrespect Proof That You Aren’t Guilty: Yes, I am guilty, I admit that I was rude to the staff. I called Master a pervert which could be a little hurtful if they are completely innocent, I never meant it in a...
  9. GoofyisGoofy

    iSkyblock Guide

    I have another suggestion for the server. Maybe when you join iSkyblock, a book guide is applied to your inventory to tell the player what to do to get a island, give them some tips, etc. I hope you consider this suggestion! <3
  10. GoofyisGoofy

    iCreative Menu

    Maybe in the iCreative server for iSkyify, you can add a diamond in their inventory that opens up a creative menu to quickly change your plot floor, get cool heads, etc. I hope you use this suggestion! Thank you for reading!