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  1. TheProfitGuy

    iPrison Tool Durability Warning

    I do agree with something like this but maybe it could be an enchant so that if your pick breaks it comes back and gives you a 2nd chance to repair your pick with a warning on your screen. I myself have come real close to losing my pick because unbreaking x breaks really quick and when you get...
  2. TheProfitGuy

    Pickaxe Enchant

    Speed 1 maybe 2, i think that having speed would help with mining especially with faster pickaxes, eff can get up to level 60 and you just can't move fast enough. have speed 1 would fix that.
  3. TheProfitGuy

    Enchant removed and trade for Runes

    So my idea is make an up-graded furnace that when you put the enchanted items in you can trade them for runes. simple and easy and a really nice idea.
  4. TheProfitGuy

    Rune package

    So I'm no to sure how many people are on the subscription but i personally think that you don't get enough for the 8 aud that i pay. Maybe increase this to 1000 and it would be more worth others getting. The general idea of it is great though especially because you keep adding new enchants.
  5. TheProfitGuy

    iPrison pickaxe enchant

    I suggest a very hard to get but well worth enchant on a pickaxe. I recomend once you get to 10mil blocks mined you recive a book with with the enchant called egg shooter. Idea of it: -once placed on pickaxe it will remove all enchants -costs alot of runes to upgrade -only has 3 levels Now...
  6. TheProfitGuy

    iPrison Enchants

    I like both of them but the disenchant should cost different prices of runes for removal to turn into books.
  7. TheProfitGuy

    Blacklist of player(not actually ban) for reference to other players

    Oh i see what you are saying. Yeah that's a good idea but sort of what helpers already do.
  8. TheProfitGuy

    Blacklist of player(not actually ban) for reference to other players

    I'm glad to have made friends with you as with the rest, but i don't think blacklisting this the best idea. The server is meant for all and if the server was to be blacklisted then people exactly like yourself would never find the server and enjoy having the fun as you do today. I can see your...
  9. TheProfitGuy


    Hey Everyone, Hope you are all having a good day. I wanted to purchase the top rank and 6 minions but I only have Mastercard, which is a payment method. I would really like to spend money but Paypal is the only payment method. Hope you like the idea. =D