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☁☁ NEW iSkyblock Season 3 Launching ☁☁


Staff member

iSkyBlock Season 3 is launching with a complete overhaul of the entire network from the ground up (RIP bugs).

Now is your chance to claim a fresh start, the playing field is leveled and some of the custom elite mobs have crept out of the Nether and made their way to the deadmines and on to your islands. Including the naturally spawning bosses - Zombie King, Kraken, Balrog and more. Claim their custom enchanted gear (such as the king's flame thrower) for yourself or turn in the loot for Mob coins to unlock new custom enchanted loot.


  • Spawners have been completely remade with the ability to stack spawners to multiply their output as well as customized spawners rolling out throughout Season 3.
  • Hoppers and furnaces are now upgradeable and come with wireless chest linking abilities
  • New 5 star island rating system and separate island levels system - two tiers to rank on.
  • New Rank challenge training center at Spawn to track your auto ranking progress
  • New SkyBlock Duels, /duel <player> <money> bet money or items + increase ELO rating.
  • New tier powered towers to capture in the deadmines that pay more money/exp per minute of holding the tower in the deadmines.
  • New Auto YT rank assignment, just type /YT at Hub and meet the requirements!
  • New Vote Party system on SkyBlock with MASSIVE loot prizes
  • Deadmines Expanded with 3 new mines and areas to explore
iSkyify is a crowd sourced network shaped by you. We will begin running straw polls on features YOU want!

We will always keep our server 100% anti pay-2-win which gives each of you the opportunity to rise through the island top rankings and most popular island votes.

Pre-purchased ranks & pets will not be affected by the reset heading into Season 3 on