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1.13.2 iSkyBlock+ Aquatic Update Season 4


Staff member
1.13.2 Aquatic Update
  • Season 4
  • 1.13.2 Aquatic update iSkyBlock
  • +133 Custom Enchants
  • Upgradeable Hoppers+ Furnaces+ Spawners+
  • Island owner control panel - member roles/perms
  • 6x Ore Gen Tiers
  • 5x Castle Tower Captures
  • Auto rank-up ingame
  • 6x new Ranks
  • 3x new Envoy Tiers in WarZone
  • Launching Tomorrow (check the countdown on the link below)


Staff member
iSkyBlock+ Update:

- /is coop command added - now you can coop other players and control what exactly coop'd players are able to do on your island with /is settings and clicking the coop settings. There are 42 different permission controls you can toggle off and on via the coop settings menu allowing you to completely control who does what on your island when coop'd. Cooping a player allows that player to retain their original island while also joining yours.

-/is visit command - opens a menu that you can sort player heads by island level, top votes, total visitors, and total current players on island. Left-clicking on the player's head send you to their island. You can also cast your votes directly inside the /is visit menu by right-clicking that player's head.

-/is upgrade - upgrade your island border size if you are Rouge rank via ingame money. Purchase speed boost II and jump boost II for your entire island and buy a 2x crop growth boost on your island with in game money.