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[ACCEPTED} [iSkyBlock+] Report on Player: Geomettrix

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  • Your In-Game Name: JDtheFast
  • Rule Violators In-Game Name: Geomettrix
  • Date Occurred: 12/31/2018
  • Rule(s) Broken:
Rule #21. No Island Killing/Trapping: Attempting to kill/trap a player on any island is absolutely not allowed.​
Rule #24. No TP Killing: Luring a player into either the Deadmines or anywhere else, to purposely kill and steal their items or cause them grief is NOT allowed.​

  • Evidence: Attached Images (The images are not cropped, you just have to click the 9 boxes in the bottom right corner to view the whole image).
  • Explanation: Firstly, he has done this multiple times, and it is starting to piss me off so this time I'm reporting it. Geomettrix made this 3 block tall tower of "useless spawners" and sent a tp request. Assuming he wanted me to see the "useless spawner" tower, I accepted the tpa. When I accepted, I was in Geomettrix's island's PvP arena (the "useless spawner" tower was in the middle of it). After a few seconds of being there, Geomettrix killed me and got my head. If this isn't considered tp trapping, I don't know what is. I do not have any proof of being at Geomettrix's island because I did not expect this to happen, so the images are the chat logs (If he saw this report, he probably removed the "useless spawner" tower, so I have an image of it at his island (as shown in the chat in the image). It woudln't let me attach so DM me for it). He also claims he got my head (and he probably got souls for his sword). He also took a lot of my MCMMO from this (you can see in one of the images).

  • PS: PLEASE do not blow over this just because Geomettrix is one of your bigger players. (he also has multiple alt accounts, including Techomettrix and Astromettrix (Astromettrix might be spelled wrong)).
  • PSS: It would be nice if someone who wasn't Geomettrix's teammate reviewed this report so there isn't any bias (sorry for being a bit picky).


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