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(accepted) Una Betting scam

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  • Your In-Game Name: Marttico
  • Rule Violators In-Game Name: Una
  • Date Occurred: 19/07/2018
  • Rule(s) Broken: Trade scam.
[14:58:15] Nomad Una : if u can answer this riddle ill give u all my money plus my island
[14:58:24] SkyTitan JDtheFast : uh k lol
[14:58:25] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : You can't give someone your island.
[14:58:27] Nomad Una : if u cant answer u gotta give me 5k
[14:58:31] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : Nah.
[14:58:32] Nomad Twitch_FromNine : Trees jump!
[14:58:34] SkyTitan JDtheFast : uh
[14:58:35] SkyTitan JDtheFast : y
[14:58:38] You ? JDtheFast: no.
[14:58:39] Nomad Una : its a fair deal
[14:58:41] You ? JDtheFast: Don't do that.
[14:58:44] Nomad Una : 37k vs 5k
[14:58:44] JDtheFast ? You: ik
[14:58:49] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : Nah, riddles can be really hard.
[14:58:49] Nomad Una : u have the advantage
[14:58:55] Nomad Una : u can use google
[14:58:55] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : so you'll have a bigger chance of winning Una
[14:58:56] Nomad Una : idc
[14:59:09] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : And also, why would he want your island and your money?
[14:59:11] Nomad Una : heres the riddle
[14:59:12] SkyTitan JDtheFast : what about *I* tell the riddle XD
[14:59:13] Nomad EmilyBubcus : An island that hasnt been touched is 0$
[14:59:14] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : You've literally got almost nothing.
[14:59:15] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : lmao
[14:59:31] Nomad Una : i have a jumping tree
[14:59:35] SkyTitan JDtheFast : 1k if u win
[14:59:39] SkyTitan JDtheFast : lets do this
[14:59:42] Nomad Una : 1k if u cant answer deal

---- Skipping some lines because there's a 10000 character limit. ----
[15:03:55] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : Nothing?
[15:04:03] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : lmao, that's also an answer
[15:04:36] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : so maybe he's just tricking u by making the answer nothing since there is a riddle that has 4 legs morning 2 at nooon and 3 in the evening.
[15:04:58] SkyTitan JDtheFast : okay. nothing
[15:05:03] Nomad Una : wrong
[15:05:06] Nomad Una : u give up?
[15:05:12] SkyTitan JDtheFast : i never do lol
[15:05:15] Nomad Una : its only 1k and ill tell u the answer
[15:05:31] Nomad Una : you can tell it to ur friends
[15:05:38] SkyTitan JDtheFast : what friends?
[15:05:43] SkyTitan JDtheFast : oh the ones i dont have XD
[15:05:43] [Reaction] Hover for the word to unscramble!
[15:05:50] Nomad Una : your friends at school or at the park idk
[15:05:51] Nomad Twitch_FromNine : Quartz Block
[15:05:53] Deadmines> The loot drop has ended.

---- Skipping some lines because there's a 10000 character limit. ----

[15:17:49] SkyTitan JDtheFast : yas
[15:17:57] Nomad Una : i made the riddle up
[15:17:57] Warrior iSummify OOF!!: There is always someone on, JD
[15:18:05] SkyTitan JDtheFast : i know lol
[15:18:06] SkyTitan JDtheFast : you
[15:18:06] Nomad Una : i dont even know the answer
[15:18:09] Warrior iSummify OOF!!: lmao
[15:18:13] SkyTitan JDtheFast : Una so i win the bet
[15:18:19] SkyTitan JDtheFast : i said earlier "nothing"
[15:18:23] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : Yep JDtheFast You do, cuz you answered nothing.
[15:18:25] SkyTitan JDtheFast : ha
[15:18:35] SkyTitan JDtheFast : pay up
[15:18:41] [Twitch]Nomad Marttico : lmao pay up xD
This is straight out my client logs. First Una agreed to the bet that his Island and all his money was on the line for 5k of JDtheFast's money. Una later changed the 5k of JDthefast's money to 1k because JDtheFast wouldn't go through with it. Una didn't change his side of the deal so the deal was still "All Una's money and Una's island if JDtheFast won". He later started saying that he never bet that and that we didn't have evidence. I highlighted the most important parts, but had to leave the least important parts out because of the 10000 character limit. If you'd want my full logs I'll post them in a pastebin:

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