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April iSkyblock+ Build Comp


Staff member
iSkyblock+ April Build Competition

Build a Fancy Profit Shop

This build competition will be a little different!
I want to see fun, creative, working Profit Shops.
Doesn’t need to be the biggest shop on the server, I will be judging on Creativity and Efficiency.

Competition Info:
:mc_35-14: Competition will run from announcement and close Saturday 27th April (US).
:mc_35-1: Judging will be during Livestream on Sunday 28th April (US).
:mc_35-4: You must build on your island, in iSkyblock+
:mc_35-5: Absolutely No Printing, Copying or schematics. This must be your own unique creation.
:mc_35-13: You must enter your In Game Name in the #Special-Events discord channel BEFORE the close on Saturday 27th April (US).
Exact Live Stream time will be announced, in the #Announcements Discord Channel.
Do not harass staff about when the stream is.
If you don't enter on time, you won't be in the competition.

:mc_35-9: If you use interactive blocks, you need to enable Visitors to be able to use them. Find it in the Visitors section of your /is GUI.
:mc_35-11: If you choose to team, only the Owner of the island will be awarded the prize, and it will be up to them to share it, if agreed prior. Consider this before teaming.
:mc_35-2: In case of a tie in points, /is level scores will be used to break the tie. (The higher island level will win). If there is somehow still a tie, then the island Owners balance will be the tie-breaker.

:mc_175-0: Prizes::mc_175-0:
:mc_264-0:1st: Exclusive Build comp winner tag, $20 cash via PayPal *or* $25 Buycraft voucher, and your NPC in the Hall of Winners at iSkyblock+ Spawn.
:mc_265-0:2nd: $15 Buycraft Voucher.
:mc_266-0:3rd: $10 Buycraft Voucher.

** iSkyify Discord:
**Check out the Store here: