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August iSkyblock+ AND Survival Build Comp


Staff member
August iSkyblock+ and Survival Build Competition

Build Theme: Stadium/Arena/Track/Colosseum etc

Requirements and Info:
:mc_252-14: Build a Sports or Battle arena in either Survival or Skyblock.
Think Football, Baseball, Wrestling, etc
:mc_252-4: No Schematica to be used. Design it yourself! No copying other peoples’ builds, be creative.
:mc_252-1: Starts: Immediately

:mc_252-6: Ends: Saturday 10th August at 5pm EST
:mc_252-2: Judging will be hosted by @💜 Sυ𝖒𝖒er ✓ᶜᵒᶠᶠᵉᵉ , with Stream time to be announced.
Prizes for the Skyblock based Winners are being generously donated by Bombat

:mc_252-10: This is a
cross server event. Out of 3 prizes, Winners could be chosen from either server.
For Example: 1st and 2nd could be chosen in Survival and 3rd in Skyblock.
:mc_252-9: All iSkyify Server Rules still apply.

:mc_252-11: Game Rules are liable to change at any time, if needed, to keep the game fair to all.


Bombat is gifting the Skyblock based Winners with:
:mc_57-0: First: 3 IG Spawners & $3,000,000 in game cash.
:mc_41-0: Second: 2 IG Spawners & $2,000,000 in game cash.
:mc_42-0: Third: 1 IG Spawner & $1,000,000 in game cash.

Survival Prizes:
:mc_57-0: First: 5,000 Claim Blocks and a Full Trailblazer KIT with Elytra.
:mc_41-0: Second: 3,500 Claim Blocks and a Full Explorer KIT.
:mc_42-0: Third: 2,500 Claim Blocks and a Full Colonist KIT.

To Enter:- Copy and Paste this format into the #special-events channel on the iSkyify Discord with your entry details:

( )
Team or Solo build?:
Build Location:
Skyblock Island name:
Survival Co-ords:

- Remember to leave your island
/is open.
- Remember to
Claim your build if in Survival.

Have Fun, and thanks to
Bombat for Donating the Skyblock Prizes for this event!