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Ban Appeal, again

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  • In-Game Name: iWinterSun
  • Who Banned You: _Summi_
  • What you were banned for: Chargebacks in the store
  • Proof That You Aren’t Guilty: I was banned on the 3rd of May, and it is now the 25th. I recently checked PayPal, and I do admit there were cases for iSkyify before, but the cases are closed now, they are in the closed cases section. There is now only 2 cases that aren't related to iSkyify. Screenshots are attached.
  • Why Should You Be Unbanned: I'm sorry for everything that's happened because of the stupid cases and PayPal going crazy and getting hacked (my account, at least). I really hope I can be unbanned. I've had to move onto other servers and it's honestly not the same as iSkyify. I guess I'll see you soon if I'm unbanned.
  • Screenshot_699.png CASE ONE Screenshot_700.png CASE TWO
  • Screenshot_701.png CASE ONE INFO
  • Screenshot_702.png CASE TWO INFO
  • Screenshot_703.png NUMBER OF CASES OPEN Screenshot_704.png CASES THAT ARE CLOSED
Not open for further replies.