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Ban appeal

  • In-Game Name: Torlde_King7
  • Who Banned You: A_Dog122
  • What you were banned for: X_ray
  • Proof That You Aren’t Guilty: 1. JDthefast was with me when I found the base. 2. the base was right next to a ravine I was mining and anyone could have easily found it
  • Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I have put in a lot of time and work into the server and enjoy playing on it. The only reason anyone new i found the base was because I message the owner about it other wise only JD would have known.
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I was mining with him and then went offline. Like 2 minutes later, he tells me he found Geo's base on Discord. Then about a minute after that he got banned. I don't think he was using X-Ray because I've mined with him many times and I would've noticed if he was digging directly for diamonds or bases.