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Ban Appeal

1) Luna_WolfTV
2) 50shadesoforrange
3) sand lagging the server
4) I would like to state my claim as I was unaware that this event would have affected the whole server I though just my island and my team I apologise for my incompetence
5) I should be unbanned as apart from this 1 mishap I was an exceptional member of Iskyify and now as I am only 1/2 days away from getting twitch partner I would like to get the news out about the server to over 200 people every stream. It has taken me a long tome to appeal my ban as I have started working 2 jobs and am at college.


New member
I have noticed 1 thing and that is hardly any of these appeals are being resolved through replies if they get solved in PMs or something cool just would like to know how this thing works