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Build Comp Time Again!


Staff member
Create A Playable Mini Game on your iSkyblock Island

Competition starts now, and runs until Friday the 20th of April. That is 2 massive weeks of build time!

This months build challenge is to create an awesome playable minigame on your island.

Be creative, make it interesting and fun! Parkour, Spleef or something even better!
Builds will be judged on look, interest and usability.
No copying, No schematics (unless you designed it yourself in creative!)

1st $25 coupon to use in the iSkyify Store
2nd $20 coupon to use in the iSkyify Store
3rd $15 coupon to use in the iSkyify Store

Enter the competition by putting your IGN in the comments below!

One Build per island.
One Winner. If you team with a friend, the prize will go to the island owner.