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Build Comp!


Staff member
Create A New Grinder (Down with the Box grinders!)

Starting now, and running to Saturday March 31st.

I am challenging you all to grab any spawner type (or all of them!), and create a new Grinder on your Skyblock islands =)
Be creative and make it interesting and fun!
Builds will be judged on look and usability. Efficiency is not a factor, unless you want to keep it after the comp.
No copying, No schematics (unless you designed it yourself!)

1st $15 coupon to use in the iSkyify Store
2nd $10 coupon to use in the iSkyify Store

Enter the competition by putting your IGN in the comments below!
One winner. If you team with a friend, the prize will go to the island owner.

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iWifey :giggle:

Im entering my IG/Guardian grinder :)

It is being held up by Jungle Tree Ents and only needs one person to afk above it for all of the spawners to work.
Good luck everyone!