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[CLOSED] [Discord] Report on player: Geomettrix

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Your In-Game Name: JDthrFast
Rule Violators In-Game Name: Geomettrix
Date Occurred: 12/31/2018
Rule(s) Broken:

Rule #6: No Harassment
Harassing any player or staff member is not allowed. This includes offensive, hurtful or plain rude remarks. Saying “just kidding” or “jk” after does not excuse you and you will still be punished!

Rule #12: No Threats
Includes Players and Staff, but also anything towards the Server itself
Any kind of threats towards anyone are not allowed. This includes DDos threats, hack threats, death threats, etc.

Rule #19: No Profanity (doesn't apply to discord but still)
Any profanity in chat is not allowed. This is a family friendly server. Softer words like “damn” and “hell” are ok. Please don’t overuse them. This goes for all languages! The staff do know other languages and will use a translator if necessary!

Rule #(couldn't find it): No Targetting

Evidence: Attached Images.
Explanation: After Geomettrix got tempbanned, he started threatening me. The attached images explain everything. One of my friends in his team discord (not saying names) also sent me a screenshot of me on his targeting list, which I'm sure targeting is not allowed.



Staff member
While it is indeed targetting, it is outside of iSkyify's Discord and the server.
If a person is harassing you, Block them, and if it is particularly nasty or you feel unsafe, Report them to Discord.
Not open for further replies.