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[CLOSED} Report against Captain_Zix

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Staff member
  • Your In-Game Name:
    • SrCookies
  • Rule Violators In-Game Name:
    • Captain_Zix
  • Date Occurred:
    • 12/11/2018
  • Rule(s) Broken:
      • No Harassment
        Harassing any player or staff member is not allowed. This includes offensive, hurtful or plain rude remarks. Saying “just kidding” or “jk” after does not excuse you and you will still be punished!
      • No Instigating
        Egging on, tricking or bullying, etc of another player into saying or doing something against the rules.
  • Evidence:
    • Please See Attached Screenshots
      • The Screenshots capture about a third of the times he kept calling me a hacker. I started screen-shooting once i stated for him to stop calling me names and harassing me.


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New member
Thank you for you report. I appreciate your time in making this community a lot better. I have already taken action and warned the said person at that time to stop and watch his behavior. If ever you find this person violating and breaking the same rule or any other rules, feel free to report again. Thank you ;)
Not open for further replies.