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(DENIED) _Cryptonic_

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  • Your In-Game Name: SamDoesGames
  • Rule Violators In-Game Name: _Cryptonic_
  • Date Occurred: 7/21/2018
  • Rule(s) Broken: High-jumping, Aim-assist (Not 100% about it), and speed. (Lil_sly saw him speed hacking)
  • Evidence: In screenshots. (For proof he's high-jumping, block were a further back from where he is [above])
  • 2018-07-21_00.19.15.png
EDIT: I just got this screenshot of him flying at my island, with nothing above my island, how is he in the air?
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I can't say this is enough evidence, I cannot determine how far up he is from the building beside him, so i have no clue, as for both of the pictures it looks like he had jumped off of the ledges. If you get more valid proof, please create a new report. I am going to deny this for now.
Not open for further replies.