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[Denied] FyreStorm1 Ban Appeal

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  1. My in-game name if FyreStorm1
  2. Circuit86 banned me
  3. I was banned for making racist comments.
  4. When you say the n-word in chat, it censors it to Napkin, but I was typing the word Napkin in chat when he banned me. I didn't actually say the racist slur.
  5. It is an unfair ban because I wasn't actually being racist. Also I am a African-American male, so technically I am not being "racist".
  6. I really love this server and although I have not being playing on it for long, I had started an island with 3 of my friends and I am really sad and disappointed to see myself permanently banned. I would be fine with a mute or a few day ban, but a permanent ban is too far for a mistake that is not even listed in the rules.
  7. I would be fine for a permaban to be applyed if I got I got unbanned and broke the rules again.
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First off saying that it wasn’t even listed in the rules you are wrong. Take a look again and down below

No Discrimination
Discrimination of any kind is not allowed. This includes any negative remarks about race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, etc. Saying “just kidding” or “jk” after does not excuse you and you will still be punished!

No Profanity or Inappropriate Chat
Any profanity in chat is not allowed. This is a family friendly server. Softer words like “damn” and “hell” are ok. Please don’t overuse them. This goes for all languages! The staff do know other languages and will use a translator if necessary!
This includes attempting to get around the swear filter. Keep it clean.
Sending inappropriate messages in chat or /msg is not allowed. This includes any mature or sexual comments.
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