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[DENIED] My Appeal to be unbanned:

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  1. Username - NexoGalaxy
  2. Banned By- SummerGump
  3. Banned for - Multiple counts of player abuse and town griefing , inappropriate builds , and more
  4. Proof - The screen shots that got be banned are the screen shots that are my proof to my innocence, and my witnesses , and friends screen shots.
  5. Reason to be unbanned - So lets start with the player abuse. Apparently i have abuse some people which i believe is false because i was the one being abused and called names , people were calling me inappropriate names , Jaytuu got his own fan base to come and attack me and they all started to bully me and he was fine with it. Some people were telling me to go kill my self and people were calling me ugly and that no one wants me. And i got really angry about that and sad I never have abused a player before and i never will. Griefing - I was apparently greifing on their town. I didn't greif on there town because it was claimed so i cant possibly greif on a claimed town . I did put lava and make a little cobblestone tower of about 15 blocks but it was outside of their town so it wouldn't cause harm to other players and to the town. It was mostly other people from my tower greifing not me. Im also getting falsely accused on the greifing. I dont ever want to harm players or towns. Inappropriate builds - I honestly dont know what i built that was inappropriate all i have built it my town and a huge acrobatic skyscraper, so i"m getting falsely accused of that. More - I dont understand what else i have possibly be been banned for. I believe i should be given a second chance because i honestly do not believe its right for me to be bullied on the server , get falsely accused of "Griefing" , "Abuse " , "Inapropiate builds" and i dont know what more that i did wrong. I hope you see what has happened and can take it into account. If i were to be unbanned i would truly appreciate it. Have a good after noon. Sincerely , NexoGalaxy


Staff member
How do you consider the multiple screenshots and video that got you banned, proof of innocence?
If you have actual proof, please create a new appeal, and attach your proof.
This appeal is denied.
Not open for further replies.