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Enchant Bugs

I found a very odd bug with the enchants. and iv been talking to Matt, and I'm not the only one with the problem. enchants are are intrupting with each other, and not working. i added corrupt to my super axe, and it cant kill anyone with armor on. before, it would bypass all armor. there are other bugs with enchants, but this is the worst one so far. (guardian not spawning iron golems, master inquisitive being worse than normal inquisitive, implants not doing anything, telepathy changing blocks when mining.) are all iv found.

(my browser wont let me add any images)
But it was my chat being filled with "**Deep Bleed**". normaly, you are only supost to see that twice before you die. but it didnt end. the working theory is, Corrupt enchant overrides the bleed, and other axe dmg enchants.
as for the other enchants, they are very annoying to figure out what works together and what breaks everything. it makes players have to remake the whole gset when they find out it breaks stuff.


Staff member
Thankyou for the reports.
While we are looking into it, please post any further information below, so all information on the subject stays in one place, and easy to find.


New member
Max Telepathy on a pick no longer automatically transfer items to the player inventory or the photo of the enchants. Unsure if one enchants is countering another enchant.