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February - iSkyblock+ Double Competitions - Competition One - Build a PvP Arena


Staff member
Competition One:

Build a 1v1 PvP arena at your island.

Arena must include:
- A fighting area with a starting position for both sides.
- A safe viewing area for spectators
- Be no bigger than a 3x3 chunk square, however, it can be as tall as you want.


Competition Details:

Judging: Competition One will be judged Saturday 23rd February (US).
- You must build in iSkyblock+
- Absolutely No Printing, Copying or schematics. This must be *your own unique creation*.
- You must enter your In Game Name in the #Special-Events discord channel before the Live Stream judging the entries begins.
Exact Live Stream time will be announced.
*Do not harass staff about when the stream is.
*If you don't enter, you won't be in the competition.
- If you use redstone, you must be on to show us how it works.
*If you use interactive blocks, you need to enable Visitors to be able to use them. Find it in the Visitors section of your /is GUI.
If you choose to team, only the Owner of the island will be awarded the prize. Consider this before teaming.

Competition One will have three winners:

First- Exclusive Build comp winner tag and 1 Vindicator Spawner
Second- 2 Legendary Keys
Third- 1 Legendary Key
**Find out about keys here: