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February - iSkyblock+ Double Competitions - Competition Two - PvP


Staff member
Competition Two:

PvP Tournament:

The 3 winning Arena Builds will be used for this competition.
To register to play, put your In Game Name in the #pvp-tournament Discord channel.

Competition Details:

- Tournament will take place Sunday 24th February (US).
- To register to play, put your In Game Name in the #pvp-tournament Discord channel, before the Live Stream of the Tournament.
Exact Live Stream time will be announced.
*Do not harass staff about when the stream is.
*If you don't enter, you won't be in the competition.

How the Tournament will run:
- Registered players will be given Food, Armour and Weapons for each round they are in.
- You will not be allowed to use any commands or items other than those given to you.
*Admin will be watching commands.*
- Participants will fight, when and who they are told, and the Winner of each round will advance to the next round/s.
- The amount of rounds, will depend on the amount of participants.
- If a Participant disconnects or lags out, during a fight, it will be counted as a loss.

If both Participants die about the same time, the Judges will decide the outcome.

Rules can and will be changed as needed, in order to keep the competition as fair as possible to all.

The PvP Tournament will have three winners:
First- Exclusive New PvP comp winner tag and 1 Vindicator Spawner
Second- 2 Legendary Keys
Third- 1 Legendary Key
**Find out about keys here: