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General Feedback

Hello there!

I just joined the server for the first time, and thought I'd provide some of my initial thoughts/feedback as per @Summer's request. I like going into alot of detail with stuff like this (I am an analyst after-all), so I'll devide this thread into various sections/categories for easy reading - feel free to skip ahead to any parts you may be interested in. Hope you enjoy!

Server Feedback (In Game)
As soon as I joined, I felt somewhat overwhelmed with so many Gamemodes to choose from ranging from SkyBlock, SkyBlock, Pocket Arcade there was no clear theme to it all. I'm not sure if this is normal, but it seemed like most of these Gamemodes didn't have many or any players at all. Having so many Gamemodes also suggests your server isn't focused (or your focus is very divided). From my experience, not many "a little bit of everything" servers make it very far (with the exception of Minigame networks such as MIneplex or Hypixel), and servers that focused on just a few Gamemodes or even one Gamemode.

The Archon for example built their whole server around Factions, creating new ways people can enjoy Factions. There are TONS of factions servers but none come even close to what The Archon have, so most players go there.. Because you cannot get that experience anywhere else - this is what separates wildly popular servers from the rest.

For this suggestion, I see 2 options:

1. Reducing Gamemodes to the top 3 (maybe 4) and focus your development attention on those creating an experience on those Gamemodes unique to your server. Most players would likely find a gamemodes they enjoy the most and just stay there, rarely going on other Gametypes.

2. Focus all your development around 1 gamemode (example: Factions, or SkyBlock, etc) and revolve your whole network around that Gamemode. This would be similar to what The Archon did with their server (focusing on just Factions, and developing variations of it as their community grew)

Examples of things that'll further increase/engage players:
- Rewarding players in-game for joining the forums, posting for the first time, getting your first like, etc.
- Daily "missions" to complete certain tasks within the a certain amount of time, rewarding players upon their completion with new missions everyday.
- Voting not sure if voting rewards a player globally (IE on all GameTypes) or just the one they're currently on.
- Creating a YouTuber program where players can apply for a YouTuber rank, aswell as the sponsoring of well-known Youtubers

The idea of Music on the server sounds awesome, I'm not sure if the rules differ for Minecraft servers but I'd imagine you'd need to get the publishers permission to play an artists music in a public setting. I'm sure this seems like a distant after-thought, but it's a must for any professionally recognized company plus there's always the possibility of legal action being taken (being sued) by the publisher later down in the road.

Setting the possible legal issue aside for a moment, I think music should be treated more like a cosmetic with a few unlocked upon joining. Players would then be able to unlock more music by either purchasing them with real/in-game currency, unlockable somehow with a crate (or similar), or as an added perk for donors.

It's also worth noting, I've been listening to the in-game music in the background while writing this thread and I've noticed the audio lagging/glitching several times.

Boring / Geeky things (Site Performance, SEO, etc)
The below is based on results from a website auditing tool. Huge areas concerns are Website Performance, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Site Performance
On Average it takes 10.1 seconds to fully load (I know, I'm shocked too). Most websites should be able to load within 3 seconds, any slower and you risk people abandoning your site, reducing conversations & sales and not to mention just looking bad in general. This is most likely because there's just SO MUCH content on the homepage that needs to load. Load time can be greatly improve load time by moving "Game-Modes" to its own page and restricting the homepage content to news/updates.

Search Engine Optimization
For anyone who doesn't know... SEO is basically a way of telling Search Engines (such as google) as to what type of content is on the website. Search engines have a preference for sites with really good SEO and display them higher up in search results.

Site Map: I couldn't help but notice there was no site map on the website (none that I can notice anyways).. Having a sitemap will help search engines understand what type of content is on the site (without having to do much guess-work), and how to better display the website in search results.

I noticed several Global ranks on sale on, however this isn't reflected on the main website . (see below)



Keep in Mind
I'm still very new to this server, and I'll have more specific feedback as I engage with the community, and play on the server more. If I made any errors in this, please don't hesitate to correct me. I hope you enjoyed reading this and please don't hesitate to comment below with your thoughts/feedback.​
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