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General Information and Guidelines

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Here you can post about what you’re looking for and what you’re trading:

In-Game Deals & Trades
In-game items and in-game money

IRL Deals
In-game items/money for iSkyify store items!

*Be cautious when doing an IRL deal.
*Not holding up your end of the deal in an IRL trade is BANNABLE.
*This includes not buying the promised rank or not paying the promised in-game items. When doing an IRL deal you need to either screenshot every part of the deal or record your game during the deal. Staff will need proof that a deal was agreed to and proof that the player didn’t hold up their end of the deal.
*Any trades for real money, ranks on other servers, gift cards, etc, are considered Illegal Trading. This is a Permanent Ban.
Not open for further replies.