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GermX's Ban appeal

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  1. In-Game Name: GermX
  2. Who Banned You: _Summi_
  3. What you were banned for: I was banned for "Griefing and theft in survival. Bug abuse. Player harassment. Player Killing
  4. Proof That You Aren’t Guilty: I do not have screenshots, but please read #5 and you can look at logs to prove my story. (This happened either on April 30th or May 1st)
  5. Why Should You Be Unbanned?: It says "harassment" in the ban message, I consider what I said not harassment but just told him(Max) to knock off what he was doing because he was bothering me. I understand that he was just protecting Summer's base but he would stop following me and telling me to stop walking by there, which is very unreasonable considering I lived right next door to Summers house. Where it says "Bug abuse" they thought there was a land claim bug causing me to ignore the claimed land which is false. NautilusGX and iWinterSun were both able to open chests and it wasn't just me, so i think what happened is it must have been accidentally unclaimed, considering the day before this incident, I was not able to interact with Summer's claim. I thought player killing was allowed, one because PvP was on and two, because I was killed by a few people and they said it was okay, I killed Max because he wasn't leaving me alone and was getting on my nerves. I was not "griefing" and most definitely did not steal anything, what you might consider griefing was a harmless joke I thought would be funny and would release some tension between me and Max through a little laugh, would be claiming the spot of Summer's land in which he lived, and planned on unclaiming it as soon as he noticed, which I did, even though he didn't react as intended, calling me a "punk" and all. I would love to be unbanned and none of this will happen again. Sorry for the trouble.


Not open for further replies.