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iPrison Tool Durability Warning

Something that tells you when your tool durability is low would be nice. I know someone who broke their pick, and has quit the server. Prison is based on how good your pickaxe is, and if it breaks, its basically game over. Most people would rather quit than spend more time grinding, just to get their pickaxe back.


Staff member
Or like any sane person does repair the pick when it gets to half durability. There is no reason whatsoever that it gets low enough to break if you are taking the time to check on your precious pick
I do agree with something like this but maybe it could be an enchant so that if your pick breaks it comes back and gives you a 2nd chance to repair your pick with a warning on your screen. I myself have come real close to losing my pick because unbreaking x breaks really quick and when you get carried away mining so it would make it better if you could get that.