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iSkyblock+ items vanishing bug

I was flying to my grinder, when a lag spike happened, and it turned off my fly. i fell into the void, where i then got tped to my island spawn. but all my items were missing. and if i had died, i had Holy white scrolls on my best stuff. so i would still have it.

Missing items:
Colossus Helm Alien Implants 3, Obsidian Shield 1, (Holy White Scroll)
Colossus Chestplate Enlightened 3, Diminish 4, Overload 3, Guardians 7, DeathBringer 2, Dodge 4, (Holy White Scroll)
Colossus Leggings Spirits 4, ArrowDeflect 4, Valor 5,
Colossus Boots
Colossus Sword SoulTrap 1, Vampire 3, Reforged 5, Disintegrate 4, Dominate 4, Headless 3, SkillSwipe 5, Inquisitive 2, Disarmor 2. (SoulTracker 137, KillTracker 153, MobTraker 1800)
Colossus Bow Bidirectional Teleportation 4, Arrow LifeSteal 4, Piercing 3, Eagle Eye 5. (Holy White Scroll, Killtracker, SoulTracker)
Colossus Pickaxe Experience 5 Haste 3

i worked very hard for all of these. and payed money for them aswell.