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iSkyblock+ Update


Staff member
[Added] Ore Block Stackers - now you can add to your island level without creating an eyesore of mega towers at your island taking up valuable space. Still want those mega towers? Shift+place the blocks per usual!
[Added] Disabling the 'Access Storage' setting will now also disable item frame item modification.
[Added] Added a mechanism that teleport you to safety if you are stuck in a portal.

[Change] When the world border option is enabled (Island > WorldBorder > Enable) you will no longer be teleported.
[Change] Removed limitation blocking pistons from being placed at the border of an island.
[Change] Changed portal behaviour.

[Fix] The island biome change now works!
[Fix] The 'Access Storage' setting now also affects Minecart chests.
[Fix] The 'MobHurting' setting now also affects all vehicles (boats, minecarts, etc.).
[Fix] Fixed an issue that would occasionally teleport you into the void if entering a portal.
[Fix] Fixed a null value in LevellingManager.
[Fix] Minimized lag created by standing in a portal.
[Fix] Patched chunk loading error in biome setting.
[Fix] Fixed issue with pistons being able to push outside of the island border.
[Fix] Fixed block place/remove level calculation issue.
[Fix] You can no longer move the spawn block with a piston.
[Fix] Sand will no longer fall onto the spawn block.

Upcoming Features (In Progress)
- Island bank. Share money between players Invited on an island.
- More biomes. Now that biome changing actually works, expect an increase in selectable biomes.
- Boss fights!