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iSkyify TWITCH Ranks: Requirements and How to Apply!


Staff member
Have an awesome Twitch Channel and want to apply for one of our ranks?
Check out the requirements here, and submit an application using the format attached:

Requirements for the Twitch ranks:
-The server IP needs to be somewhere in the title of your Stream.
-You must be able to verify that you are the owner of the channel.
-You must keep your content relatively clean. Inappropriate content will result in your rank being removed.
-You must follow the server rules, be respectful to other players and Staff.
-You need to provide a Discord to communicate easily with Staff.

[Twitch] [Twitch]
-100 (min) - 4,999 followers.
-Stream requirement before approval: 12 hours
-Tag will be removed after 14 days if no iSkyify content.
-Rank Bonuses:
-One free MiniPet
-/ec command in iSkyblock

-5,000+ followers.
-Stream requirement before approval: As negotiated with iSkyify Owners.
-Tag will be removed after 30 days if no iSkyify content.
-TwitchPro Bonuses:
-One free MiniPet
-/ec & /fly commands in iSkyblock
-iMVP Global Rank

Other Information:
-Ranks are not provided automatically, you will only be provided with a Twitch Rank upon approval. If you are not approved, you will not get the rank. You may reapply after 14 days.
-All player Rules apply to you and any team you bring with you.
-Bonuses, Requirements, and Rules may change at anytime, and we reserve the right to do so without notice.


Staff member
iSkyify Twitch Rank Application:
Fill out the Details and Post in a new thread below-

Twitch Name and Link:
How often can you Stream on iSkyify:
What type of content do you generally produce: