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Items disappeared!

Dear staff,
as we all know iSkyblock+ had a big 2 days back, and surprisingly i found out that my items (that i have worked on for a TOO LONG TIME) have disappeared and in return i got starter gear and blue leather armour!
as you can probably imagne I was in shock. I first wanted to cry then i start spaming cht for help, thankfully no one muted me because of my stress and alot of ppl told me to chill because Summer/mod will give my stuff back.
today after 24 hours im trying to reach to summer, i found Ikeeify online (a mod) and i told her panicly the situation and she said calmly to post a thread in the "bugs and issues" page.
so i did, Item list:
*Colossus armour with glowing 1 enchant on the hemlet!
*Colossus Shovel, Axe and sword
******* this is the importent part. i dont really care about the rest of this items but this one was a pain to get! Colossus pick with: Telepthy 3 Telepathy Experience 5 Haste 3 AutoSmelt 3 Now it also had a Holy White Scroll on it!
i must say that if you dont belive me on the pick ask EVERYONE i was kind of a Show-Off on it XD i was really proude!
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