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January Build Comp
This months Build Competition is:
SPACE (Think UFO's, Rocket Ships, Aliens and Planets)

To enter: Put your In Game Name in the #🏆special-events channel in the iSkyify Discord (Discord Link:
and get building at your iSkyblock+ island.

*You must build in iSkyblockPlus.
*Builds will not be accepted from any other gamemode.
This is the challenge! No printing. No schematica. No copying.
*Try to be original, though using images for inspiration is okay.
*You must enter before the Live Stream judging the entries begins. Live Stream will be announced.
Do not harass staff about when the stream is.
*If you don't enter, you won't be in the competition.
*Competition runs from announcement until Thursday 31st January, and will be judged Friday 1st February.
*If you use redstone, you need to be on during the stream to show us how it works.
*If you team, only the Owner of the island will be awarded the prize.
Consider this before teaming.

First Prize: iSkyblock+ Minion of your choice, and the exclusive Build comp Winner tag.
--> Find out about Minions:
Second Prize: 2x Legendary Crate Keys
Third Prize: 2x Ultra Crate Keys
Not open for further replies.