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Skyblock, item bug after death

Hello, I have recently been to the nether in skyblock a lot since we are building a project in it. And it is not rare to die in nether, especially from the evil hands of pigman - they spawn camped us. However, on 7/13/2019, I have experienced something weird: all my item in my inventory are still there when I picked them up, but they had all been reset to only one item, for instance: the 3 stacks of stone slabs I had become one( 1 single item), something goes for all my other items in the inventory, and this had occurred frequently ever since. My friend: Smaliver, had a similar experience. We are hoping this bug can be fixed soon, as it had cost us nearly 50k in-game currency. After all, thank you very much for having this amazing server, have a great day.