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St Patrick's Day Events & Sales

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iSkyify St Patrick's Day Events & Sales

Epic Sale on now!
30% off All Ranks, Ranks Upgrades and GKits
20% off everything else in the store!
Check out the store:

Potato or Pot of Gold?
Visit Skyblock spawn for the chance to receive either a Potato or a Pot of Gold in your inventory. Collect 5 Pots of Gold to receive a money reward from iSkyify's Leprechaun, Sean.
Remember to leave a space in your inventory!

Lucky Four Leaf Clover
Get your very own Limited Edition Leprechaun Pet by searching the Deadmines Loot Crates for four Clover leaves. Redeem your prize from iSkyify's Leprechaun, Sean.
Beware: If you lose your Leprechaun, in any way, he will run away forever, and not be coming back!


Golden Build Competition
Get your creative on, and beautify your island with Green and Gold, enter your island into the competition by posting your IGN in the St Patrick's Day Entry channel on iSkyify's Discord.

Winner will be announced on Monday 19th March, and receive a surprise reward

Not open for further replies.