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St Patrick's Day Events Wrap Up


Staff member
Congratulations to everyone that participated and won so much loot over the weekend, we hope you all had as much fun as we did!
Potatoes and Pots of Gold were popping up in everyones inventories, and four leaved Clovers were hunted down, and exchanged for the tricky new Leprechaun Pets..
The Skeleton Boss was spawned in everyday, with lots of craziness and to many deaths to count, haha!

and lastly, the Winner of the Green and Gold, St Patrick's Day theme build competition:
Jambo didn't just decorate his existing island, he built an entirely new one, just for the competition!

I recommend visiting Jambo's island, and having a look around, there are so many amazing builds, I'm sure you will all enjoy it.

Honourable mentions to:

ARandomYT, _Petty, iSevvify and JDtheFast

Go check them out as well.

New events being announced soon, so keep an eye on the Forums to be the first to know!