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Suggestion and things that need to be 100% reworked.

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(I don't expect you to read all this but please do <3)
I believe that prisons will be a game mode that will live, unlike sky grid and factions, prisons has the potential to be up there with sky block, but at its current state i don't think so, all it needs is a little bit of love from its creators. this isn't a text about me rushing you on fixing these, i just wanna make sure you are aware of them. every single game launch is the same as the other, there is always these little bugs that people will find, but what bothers me is that there are bugs that really shouldn't be there even before launch (as in the bug was too easy to be realised or fixed). now onto the list of things that should be worked.

1 The most important thing that i think should be worked on is the enchants, its good but i just think more upgrades should be available, now this isn't a problem people will run into now, but it is definitely a problem of the future, (examples of what should be added, more explosive and more fortune, haste, speed, hammer, unbreakable, auto sell and a lot more ideas i got but i think i will reach the max amount of characters).

2 there needs to be more ways to get runes, you can get them from achievements, but about 70% of them give you 10 runes, one of them doesn't even give you any runes and the only reliable ones for getting runes are the ones you get from playing the first few hours, which you only probably end up with only ~500, you can also get them from tournaments, but its only weekly and monthly, add a daily tournament, another way you can get them is from voting, buying and or crates, but these you need either IRL money or be lucky. how to fix this, add daily quests, the quest plugin you have is cool, but use it more add a npc in spawn where a guy gives you daily quests, also blocks broken should give you runes, like every 100 blocks will give you 1 rune, or every time you rank up you get a few runes.

3 Cells need to be 100% reworked, you can not customize it enough, you cant place certain blocks in the cells like iron doors, why would they ban iron doors??? also, what's up with the void, not much love was put into this section of the game.

suggestions: Add more use to the back packs. Add auction.
Not open for further replies.