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Thunberg here, and im looking for 3-5 people to join my island!

Hey guys!

I will start streaming again on the new fresh server and like my plan for last season, I want to make a community island where everyone work together for both money, but we will also have a big big focus on the rank quests!

Anyone invited can use the island freely with chests shops, grinders ext.

Anyone invited will also be given a rank on my discord and access to a hidden chat where we can all talk to eachother for any questions!

Write a short application here why you should be one of the people that gets to join the island/quest!
That your active on the server is the most important, being a old player help alot as well!

All the best
Hiya there thun! thats me bombat XD
well i really dont have anything to say because i describe how much i want it. all the time on iskyify and other servers i had friends but i have never been in the same island with a bunch of ppl. dude that sounds super fun mate. well im not the best builder in the world but i know good redstone stuff and im funny ;) i dont think i never wanted something so much since i asked for a dog XD ;) :p but you choose XD im pretty sure im the first one the appeal im so excited im almost crying of thinking i have the chance to be in the same island as my fav youtuber!!!! and i play this server from old days almost when it came out and i play this server every every day!
thank you so much Bombat! hope i win ;) XD
Hello, I am Dev Sinating, I love and enjoy playing iSkyify, I've been on the server since it was in really early access and am still going. I currently islandless and am jumping at this chance. I'm an active builder (not soo much redstone), but love to learn. I'm generally a nice guy to get to know.

~ Dev Sinating


Staff member
Hey thun.
I would like to join your island because I can help a ton with getting the rank challenges done and the machines to do it. Also I can build some cool looking grinders for you island
IGN: Christoff_MC
Rank: Sky Warrior/mod
hey thun.
I would like to join your island because I love sky block and I am top on leader board with sitonthemat and silver rod and have 1 pig spawner auto miners and a heap of blazes (14) and willing to share them with the community doing a public xp grinder
thanks thun even if you don't accept me

IGN: Snooozn_
RANK: Sky Titan

PS: I still have the screenshot I got with you last year as my background
Alright, Thun, you know me I think I'm JDtheFast, one of your main builders from season 2. I'm good with building things, mainly building off of other peoples ideas. Since I've been on vacation, I haven't started season 3 yet, which is why you will probably see no progress for me. But I am a really good skyblock player, as I actually won season 2. I've played iSkyblock since like the beginning of iSkyify (One of the first 50 players), so I guess that can be considered a plus. I'm gonna compliment you now for a higher chance of getting chosen. Uh I like your hair. You have a nice beard. Uh, your foot is.. pretty? You're cool. Haha almost forgot to say this, your a gold YouTuber!

IGN: JDtheFast
Rank: Skytitan

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Man, there are some super strong applications here, for different reasons, but all are strong!
Good news are, iv been told that there is no limit to members on my island, so here we go
@Bombat Yo, you seem exited, and we talked ingame, ill give you a chance!
@SitOnTheMat We also talked ingame, your also welcome!
@Sinating I know you from before, your a trusted staff and i know your active, your very welcome!
@Christoff_YT I know you from before, also welcome!
@Snooozn_ I know you are a super active player and i believe u could be a awesome help!
@Master_Rx Damn thats a bad application, but i know your active, also welcome :D
@JDtheFast I'm glad you want to join me again based on your earlier awesome work! Welcome back!

You guys should join my discord, and I will give you a rank so we can all talk and make plans!
Once you join it, you can just right click my name and send me a msg (can only be done from my discord)
Once there, its also much easier to know when im on to send invites to the island
Having and being active on discord is a must to join the island
Looking forward to get the series going guys!
Sup Thunberg! Been a subscriber since about... 19k? (Not for sure) I remember you used to collab a bit with SSundee and Crainer, but now I don't really watch them, but I remember all the challenges you used to give to the two of them in the other SkyBlock server. (Can't really say it due to it counts as advertising...) It was really fun to watch them win and fail, and you just kind of watching from the side lines. I love/loved your buildings that you make. Besides that, I am planning to be more active throughout season 3, like I am so far. I've been around iSkyify since early Season 1, and was only really inactive during Season 2 due to it having major bugs... speaking of so I found quite a few of those bugs. Some were funny and I am planning to see if some of them still work. Anyhow, hope I get to join you! Cya around, Thun. (Just to beat JDtheFast a bit, you're a Ruby Play-button Youtuber.)

IGN: SamDoesGames
Rank: Nomad (Bought before free.)

Cow translation for the above text: Moo.
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Hey Thun!
I'd Love To Join The ISkyify Island. In Skyblock Some Of My Main Skills Are Building, Designing, Grinding And Farming. I Feel I Should Join Your Island Because I Am Very Active. I Spend About 4+ Hours On A Day. "not a good thing but i do" Im Also Very Good With Redstone So Automation Is My Thing, Plus With The Server Bonuses Automation Wont Be Hard. Another Reason I Feel I Should Join The Island Is That Im "Okay" Trusted By You, Sure I've Messed Up But This For Me Is A Chance To Make Up For That. Thanks Thunberg! Hope I Get In! Also Havent Heard Anything About Your Leg Hows That?