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[Tutorial] How to submit a map

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Staff member
Hello everybody,

This section is for Map Submissions, here you can submit maps for our mini-games, which you or your friends have built!

In order to do so, you have to follow some pretty simple criteria as well as the following format:

Description of the map:
Credits to:
(Your IGN or your Build-team's name (only letters or numbers))

Your submission has to follow these criteria and you have to be aware of this information:
  • You must specify the mini-game the map is for in the title, for example: [iParkour] Jungle map
  • Do not add Easter eggs.
  • Do not steal maps.
  • Do not add secret signs or offensive content.
  • Do not add secret redstone contraptions.
  • Make sure it's not possible to exit the playing field or get stuck somewhere.
  • In case of acceptance the only credit you get is the name you submitted in the format. Your name will be displayed at the start of a round. If you made a lobby or a Parkour map your name will be on a sign somewhere in the map.
  • There are no rewards. You will not get a builder rank, although you might be considered to join the build team.
  • You may build lobbies/spawns if you wish.
  • In case of acceptance you will be messaged by a staff member, requesting a download link to the map.

Tips on getting accepted:
  • Do not make the map unbalanced, which might favor some players over others.
  • Make things look good, detail is very important.
  • Good terra forming might improve your maps appearance.
  • (For iSkyWars)Place chests evenly and in good spots all around the map.
  • And the most obvious of them all, make it look good!

If you have any questions regarding this section feel free to message a staff member to clarify your doubts.
Not open for further replies.