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v1.0.7 Developer Logs


New member

Oh boy, here we go again with the updates! Coming in hot with some new features, bug fixes, changes, and more! Vroom vroom!

- 1.0.7: /nick readded and fixed​
- 1.0.7: Players not being able to teleport to islands​
- 1.0.7a: Added spawn pads​
- 1.0.6c: Added slight cooldown for is go​
- 1.0.7a: V-Day items (Cupids Arrows, and more.)​
- 1.0.7a: New Tab List.​
- 1.0.7: Deadmines crates added titles​
- 1.0.7a: Player not being able to connect.​
- 1.0.7a: Skyblock-2 Locked Island, Random Wilderness TP.​
- 1.0.7a: Block placing / breaking doesn't show message​
- 1.0.7a: Fix Island teleporting when players aren't loaded in yet​
- 1.0.7: Server-side fixes​

Remember to report bugs under Bugs section. Thanks for being apart of iSkyify. Appreciate it. :)