Creating a Bug or Issue Report

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    1. Check Bugs and Issues, see if the problem has already been posted.
    If yes, attach your information to that post as a reply. This helps keeps all the details in one spot for faster reference.
    If not, create a new Topic.

    2. Get fullscreen screenshots, or even better, video recording of the issue.

    3. Explain in steps the issue, what happened, where, and what you were trying to do.

    4. Give as much clear detail as possible. The more direct information we have, the easier it is to identify, replicate and correct.

    5. Post it here. Not somewhere in Discord, or talking about it in game chat. That won’t help anything, and will probably get lost.

    No matter how big or small an issue is, thankyou for letting Team iSkyify know about it, as every little (or big) detail, improves the game for everyone.

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