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    I am not good at writing up this sort of stuff so sorry if it is poorly worded.

    I’m not complaining but suggesting a better option.
    I do believe that this is a spawner season and please correct me if i am wrong. If this is a spawner based season then 150 hoppers isn’t enough to take the items that the spawners drop. As you know i like to make extremely op iron golem farms and i have used my 150 hopper limit to the best of my ability. i have now gotten to a point where i can no longer go any further due to not enough hoppers. My iron over flows and i can’t make anymore farms because i am at the hopper limit.

    My suggestion is upgrade-able hoppers. make it so it can move items quicker and a wider range if we can’t have more than 150. I have Master rank and i can’t even make farms as big as my island. Even if you make higher hopper limits purchasable in the store or in game. that would be awesome.

    Thank you and sorry if this is alot of work to do. xD <3


    Yes I agree with profit. Hopper limit is indeed causing a little issues for players with massive builds. Maybe it can be a is upgrade
    (this will be 2 ig spawners @profit)


    and if most farms are going to need to be spawner based, then that makes it so there’s a large gap between the players. People who own spawners can make profit shops for tons of money, and can easily afford to get more spawners, while people without spawners can’t make many automatic large-scale farms. Most automatic farms which would even out the playing field (bamboo, melon/pumpkin, sugarcane, etc) would be completely ruled out because of the hopper rule. 150 hoppers might seem like a lot, but its not even enough to have 2 levels of ilmango’s melon and pumpkin farm (9 * 9 grid of hoppers per module), which is wildly efficient, but only produces about 5 items per minute per module.

    tl;dr: Not having many hoppers encourages very few players getting rich, and the rest just having to work in the profit shops for them


    Water streams help a lot, have less lag than hoppers, and get items moving faster.

    In saying that, Hopper limits have been increased to 300 per island after last weekends server update =)

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