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    Pleaseee increase the sell prices for farming things like bamboo, cacti, sugar cane, etc. Farms are pretty much worthless compared to ores. On past seasons, me and my friends have spent tons of time making large farms that pay off, but now there’s no point because they wouldn’t pay off.


    I 100 percent agree currently there is not much to do on the server besides mining and buying iron golem spawners. Making crop farms is absolutely useless unless you are just starting and gives barely any money. In previous seasons it was much more enjoyable as there was a lot more to do. Now we have reached the point where all that is done is afking farms.


    Hi, my name is Genthic1 (aka Ricey) and I agree with JD’s statement. Farming is a key component in skyblock within any server that I have played on. I am not saying make farming prices outrageously high but just enough for farming to be significant and worth your time to build a farm. Right now, farming is receiving little to no attention as it is almost meaningless and a complete waste of time to invest money and time into building a farm. This is important especially for those who are unable to buy a rank at the start of the game. Whereas ranks will allow players to make money fast through an ungraded cobble gen, those without ranks are left helpless due to low farming prices and a terrible cobble gen.


    I disagree. just get good, use our profit shops more when we finish them.


    I agree. ATM using farming as a money making method isnt profitable. Farming also would be a good way for players without ranks to make money because they dont have upgraded cobble gens.


    If you guys are worried about lag, you can place a limit to how many bamboo or cacti you can place on an island, just like ya’ll did with hoppers.


    This seasons Eco is directed away from farming.

    Have a look through the shops, and figure out which items make the most money and focus on those.

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