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    Use your commonsense.
    Respect each other and Staff. Do not go around ruining the game for others, just because you are ‘bored’.
    If any of the rules are still unclear, ask a Staff member directly or make a post in the Forums. Only the Staff’s understanding of the Rules is correct.

    iSkyify Server Rules – These apply to all areas of the Server:
    1. Respect All Staff Members
    Staff are here to keep the server a fun, safe place to be. Do not argue with them if you don’t like the decisions they make and listen to them when they tell you to behave. If you have a problem with any staff member you can contact an admin with proof that the staff member did something wrong, via the Forums.
    2. No Impersonation of Others
    Under no circumstances should you pretend to be someone you aren’t. This applies to both player and staff impersonation. (Examples of what’s not allowed: iShopifyV2, SummerGumpi, etc.)
    3. No Advertising other Servers or Games
    Advertising anything (in chat, on a sign or item, etc) to purposely take players away from the server is not allowed. If you want to advertise your iSkyify stream or video, contact a Senior Staff member for permission first.
    4. Do Not Release Others Personal Information
    Releasing another player’s information without their consent is not allowed. You are allowed to release only your own personal information, however, we highly suggest that you don’t.
    5. No Inappropriate Skins/Usernames
    Having an inappropriate skin or username will result in a permanent ban until the skin and username have been changed. If caught again breaking this rule you will be banned from the server permanently.
    6. No Harassment
    Harassing any player or staff member is not allowed. This includes offensive, hurtful or plain rude remarks. Saying “just kidding” or “jk” after is not an ‘excuse’. You will still be punished.
    7. No Discrimination
    Discrimination of any kind is not allowed. This includes any negative remarks about race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, etc. Saying “just kidding” or “jk” after is not an ‘excuse’. You will still be punished.
    8. No Hack Clients
    Using or encouraging the use of hack clients is not allowed. This includes anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. No second chances if caught hacking.
    9. No Abusing Bugs/Exploits/Duplication
    Finding and using a bug on the server for your benefit is not allowed. If you find a bug please report it in the Bugs & Issues section in the Forum, with as much information as you can give.
    Abuse/Exploitation includes keeping or attempting to hide anything gained (wanted or not) from any sort of hack or glitch performed by another player.
    10. No Using Un-Approved Mods
    Using any mods that give you an advantage over other players is not allowed. These include auto clicker, auto sneak, radar, waypoints, etc.
    11. No AFK Mining/Fishing/Mob Killing for XP or items
    This includes putting something heavy on your mouse, taping it down, using an auto clicker, macros, etc.
    We understand the grind can become tedious, and you want to watch a video while mining, etc, but if you do not reply to a Staff member within 10 seconds, you may be moved or kicked, and risk being banned.
    12. No Threats: Includes Players and Staff, but also anything towards the Server itself
    Any kind of threats towards anyone are not allowed. This includes DDos threats, hack threats, death threats, etc.
    13. No Phishing
    Attempting to obtain/steal a players personal information is not allowed, and is actually illegal. This includes home addresses, account logins, IP addresses, full names, etc.
    Do not give out other Players personal Information
    Giving out a player’s personal information is not allowed. This includes home addresses, account logins, IP addresses, full names, etc.
    14. No Blackmail or Bribery
    Attempting to force a player into doing/giving you something by telling them you will get them banned or anything of the sort is not allowed.
    15. No Instigating or Targeting by using others
    Egging on, tricking or bullying, etc of another player into saying or doing something against the rules, including getting other Players to kill, troll or harass someone you do not like.
    16. No Illegal Trading
    Trading for something that involves direct personal gain is not allowed. This includes real money, ranks on other servers, gift cards, etc.
    17. No Renaming/Faking Items
    Renaming any item in order to make it appear as something it’s not, in order to sell it as the real item, is not allowed. This includes spawners, keys, etc.
    18. No Profanity or Inappropriate Chat
    Any profanity in chat is not allowed. This is a friendly server. Softer words like “damn” and “hell” are ok. Please don’t overuse them. This applies for all languages. The staff do know other languages and will use a translator if necessary.
    This includes attempting to get around the swear filter. Keep it clean.
    19. Sending inappropriate messages in chat or /msg is not allowed.
    This includes any mature or sexual comments.
    20. No Spamming/Excessive Caps/Fancy Chat
    Spamming chat or another player is not allowed. This includes teleport requests, messages, random characters, etc. Please wait a short time before each message.
    21. No Targeting of other Players
    Purposely targeting a Player to kill, troll or harass them, because you do not like them for whatever reason, because they are trying to Stream or Record, or for any other reason you can think of. *See also Rule 15.
    22. No Island Killing/Trapping
    Attempting to kill/trap a player on any island is absolutely not allowed.
    This includes luring someone to another player’s island, and killing them there, without letting them know that PVP is on that island. This could get both the Killer AND the Island Owner Banned from the server.
    If you enable PVP on your iSkyblock island, you MUST inform players, by using the Welcome message (found in /is), and by placing signs at the spot where visitors spawn in.
    23. No TP Killing
    Luring a player into either the Dragon Mines, Nether or anywhere else, to purposely kill and steal their items or cause them grief is NOT allowed.
    24. No IRL Scamming
    * iSkyify holds no responsibility if either party chooses to participate in an IRL trade for iSkyify items.
    * If you are feeling harassed at any time to do a deal, take full-screenshots and/or video for proof, and contact a Senior Staff member.
    * Keep any details of any trades made, for up to 1 year after the trade.
    * Any chargebacks will get you auto-banned.
    25. Auctioning
    If an auction is taking place in chat, and you decide to place a bid, you must be able to pay for the item. ‘Just Kidding’ is unacceptable. Attempting to drive prices up so other players waste money is not allowed, and will be considered scamming.
    26. No Griefing/Insiding
    Stealing from another player or destroying their property is not allowed.
    27. No Ban or Mute Evasion
    Using an alternate account to continue playing or harassing, after being Banned or muted, will get you bonus Bans! Yay!
    28. No Profanity or Inappropriate Chat
    This includes attempting to get around the swear filter. Keep it clean.
    29. iSkyify reserves all right to mute or remove you from the server at anytime, for any reason we deem fit, even if it is not specifically included in the above Rules at the time.
    iSkyify reserves all right to change, alter, add or remove any and all rules at any time.

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