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    In the past, we had a system to raise ranks by doing challenges, I wish for it to be back into the new server because it gives the free-to-play players a chance to unlock perks, etc.
    There is a massive gap between what a non gets and a ranked gets ._.
    Nons only have 1 perk (from what I have seen) which is /kit, it only gives iron tools, and half chain, half leather.
    And the lowest rank Squire, Gives iron armor(prot 2 and unbreaking 1), and diamond tools(effi 2 and unbreaking 1) it gives a huge unfair advantage, I understand the server might need money to keep it up and running. and the person DID spend money on a rank. But it seems so unfair to the people that either don’t have money/can’t buy it.

    Note that this is just a suggestion, and I truly think this system should be added back into the server.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this :3


    Thanks Panda.
    As I have said before, the Dev that did the rankup system moved on to other projects. It will not be coming back to iSkyify.

    Anyone who decides to spend their own money and donates to the server to help keep it running for *all* to enjoy and play on, deserves a benefit/omegathankyou, for doing so.
    I have seen most Donators/Ranked players giving away their kits to new players, to welcome them, and players in need if they have a mishap in game and lose their gear.

    Every player is given an OreGen when they start their islands. Use this to quickly get money, sell quickly with /sell hand, make Diamond gear and go mining in the Nether and upgrade to Netherite armour/tools/weapons.
    Capture the Guard Regions in the DragonMines and get Fly to help build your island faster, get x2 Crop growth at your island, get x2 Mob Drops on your island, speed and jump boost. 4 out 5 of the Guards also give money every 5 minutes.
    If you don’t like mining in one spot at an OreGen for long, put on some gold armour and mine away in the Nether. Fill your inventory and sell as you go. I’ve been doing that myself, and I have 2 spawners already with relatively little effort. If I have a mishap, and die, it’s only gold armour lost, oh well.. Back to my islands OreGen and make some more.
    I get XP from mining ores, and I have been using that to get Custom Enchant books which will improve my speed and efficiency while mining, which gives me more money and more XP even faster. There’s even a Soulbound enchant which will give the chance to keep your item if you do happen to die. With effort, my gear is going to be better than Master kit.

    iSkyify is not, never has been, and never will be an OP server, where players get massive amounts of money and items for nothing. While those servers can be fun for a little while, getting given everything gets boring fast and players get bored even faster.
    Buying your first spawner is an achievement in itself.

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